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Whenever we see any light in the night then we suddenly close our eyes. And wish for something in our mind in the hope of getting fulfilled by an angel star.

Have you done this in your life?

Of course, I think most people listen to this kinda tale. But it depends on people how they take up things.

Sometimes people get so much involved in stars and their predictions. And when something happens then they have faith in these things.

What is Astrology?

Astrology, numerology, an tarot card reader are the ways through which we can find our stars and their reaction to our life. And yes, these all say true things but we should not depend on their predictions only.

Astrology involves finding our future through stars and their analysis. And tarot card reading takes help from cards. But the purpose of both is the same to find things going to happen with our future.
There are many strong calculations related to your birth date, time, birth previous us, offered the only ways which perform good luck or bad luck.

As we can see, in the birth time of God Ishu, Christian believes that – when he was born then one star name Dhruv occur in the sky. They believe that – it was a sign of good fortune.

Similarly, our grandmother told fairytales about angels who came from heaven and change our lives. There are many relatable stories that we can find through these stars.

Who is the creator?

The creator of Astrology is – his named was Astronomer Ptolemy.
And the founder was – Babylonians

Babylonian was a very realistic person and he invented the zodiac which divides heaven into 36 seconds, that is is associated with specific stars and identified constellations. here are some known stars and constellations, and they are – libra, Leo, cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, scorpion, Virgo, Aries, etc.
These are known stars that are assigned through our name or date of birth.

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What are the benefits of astrology?

Whenever we face any trouble in life regarding marriage, work, professional life, business, or health then usually we try these things.

Mostly we use it during marriage because it helps to find a compatible companion for our life. And as we know that – astrology consists of the prediction of the future through planets’ movement. That’s why – every astrologer matches the pairs of the same stars and planets’ movements.

Likewise, it appears in business too. Most of the time we find people wear rings/lockets or any good luck sign etc. Some people have problems with their name too. And when they changed their name then they see changes in their life.

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Your name brings a lot of impact on your life. That’s why everyone should keep the right name whose meaning should be genuine, authentic. Only nine goo

But this is not for those who are dinged complete efforts. Still, some people face problems including their hardships then they call astrologers to predict the right thing about it. We are not completely dependant on that but can’t ignore it because it happens.
Should we believe in Astrology?

Astrology shows the right direction to a boat, when a boat knows that – where they have to go then only it can forward with us. Otherwise, your all efforts are vain without knowing the right direction.
That’s why we believe it and follow their norms and conditions.

As we said already that – don’t do donned oSo. So people influence so much in it and they check their horoscope every morning. Similarly, when something bad happens then they find themself according to their horoscope prediction. So these things bring the wrong impression towards people as well as yourself. These horoscopes warn this situations situation doesn’t mean that you agree with that thing. Use your mind as well. Because something happens in our life due to our mistakes. And it’s a human behavior that – a person doesn’t blame themselves for any bad cause. They need someone to make them guilty and to prove themselves innocent.

It’s an important note to not get affected by these things so much.

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How does that work?

Astrology works. If you can come to me, I can show you that it works efficiently. Many new theories can be developed through basic information on Astrology. India has a lot of secret information and we need a national-level vetting agency to provide rectified books.

The days, months, years, etc are based on astrology-based calculations and there are good times and also bad times. During Jupiter Dasa, one may get money without greater effort, but in Saturn Dasa, one may get money only after the are greater effort and many times after passing lots of suffering in life. Only through Astrology fate can be explained and any statement other than through astrology is like words of unsound mind and never have any sense at all.

Astrology is Vedic information. Hence it has a greater reach. Look at the birth chart of Lord Rama and Krishna, you will get full information about its workability. Every action in life happened as per the natal chart. Look at the second chapter of Mathew in the New Testaments. Only Astrologers could predict the impact of the birth of Jesus and chief priests were totally ignorant and even his disciples who did not have any astrological base could not understand their Masters throughout their lifetime. Astrology is the light, without astrology, the prediction will be mere statements in life. Read Luke chapter in the New Testaments and read basic astrological books in India, most of the anti-astrology propaganda can be nipped at the bud itself.

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Astrology and tarot card reader all things are important but your hard work matters a lot. The more you will do efforts the broad change came in your life.

Destiny – depends on your karma.

Always believe in your present and try to make it better with your accomplishments.

Always remember – no richest and successful believes in their horoscopes or zodiac behavior. They all believe in continued efforts so always work hard in this way for making your life magical.

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